Visit the Old Frankfort Pike National Scenic Byway Viewing Area and the Lexington-Frankfort Scenic Corridor

The Lexington-Frankfort Scenic Corridor Area

Old Frankfort is the information and contact page for activities along the Old Frankfort Pike National Scenic Byway and within the greater Lexington-Frankfort Scenic Corridor area. 


The Lexington-Frankfort Scenic Corridor, Inc., a not-for-profit neighborhood association is dedicated to the conservation, preservation and enhancement of this unique scenic and historic rural area in the heart of Kentucky's Bluegrass Region.


Lexington-Frankfort Scenic Corridor. Inc.


Old Frankfort Pike National Scenic Byway

The Pike was designated a

NATIONAL SCENIC BYWAY in February, 2021.  


The road has been a KENTUCKY SCENIC BYWAY since the 1990s and now, is nationally-recognized as an iconic scenic and historic corridor offering visitors an authentic BLUEGRASS Landscape.  


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments on becoming a member of the Scenic Corridor.

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